My 2019

Yet another year. I read several books, wrote some code, fixed a few bugs (and possibly made more..), and became a dog parent.

My 2018 and New Year Resolution

There are always some reflections every year. It came stronger than ever at the beginning of 2018. Partly as a result, it made the past year more unpredictable but productive.

Farewell, 2016

It strikes me how fast the time flies. 2016 is enjoyable in general. I made some friends, learned many things, and played a little better in tennis.

Emacs Progression Path

The progression path of learning to enjoy the Emacs envrionment by a Vim user

Tennis Progress of the Past Three Months

I still have plenty of double faults and unforced errors, but I'm becomming better, faster, and stronger.

Tennis Progress in February 2016

Begin another journey of improving

Tennis Progress in January 2016

It would be another round of destroying old habits and building the new (and hopefully better) ones.

Ground Strokes with More Movements of Wrists

The movement of the wrists should be able to provide faster and more stable strokes, and maybe even shed some lights on the servings.

My 2015 and New Year Resolution

A summary of the year that is almost past, and some thought towards the coming year. (in Chinese)

How Safe is Your Job?

It is a title of a podcast from Freakonomics. It was interesting, inspiring, and hilarious, so I listened it twice as I was dring towards and back from Dallas.