Tennis Progress in February 2016


  1. My racket always wrongly tries to be at the line (or on the top of the ball) before it arrives at the touching point. On the contrary, when I drop the head of the racket, it should be behind and beneath the touching point.
  2. Timing is the aspect that should be able to get better by practice. I almost always too hurry to swing the racket, so the hitting point is usually at the top half of the ball. To compensate this effect, I also make the face of the racket too open. The correct way is to wait a little bit longer at the very first preparation, and then let the upper rim lead the racket all the way through the touching point until the racket brushes the middle of the ball.
  3. Let the extension be the consequence of the hit, but not the other way around.
  4. I mistakenly invert the wrist control between ground stroke and serving. The former movement requires the wrist to be tight especially when it turns the racket from 4- to 9-o’clock position. The latter one needs wrist to be as relax as possible, so that the racket is able to hit the top of the ball as high and hard as possible.
  5. For serving, I should hit higher than what I used to, as well as toss the ball a little bit higher. The right way is not necessary comfortable, but would be definitely felt different.


  • Too many double faults!